Midhurst Community Bus Privacy Policy

At the Midhurst Community Bus (MCB) we take the question of our Volunteers’ privacy very seriously and to support this we have in place a Data Protection Policy, compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and UK law. The operation of MCB gives us a legitimate interest as a lawful basis for processing your personal details.

The information we hold is restricted to your personal contact and associated details and will be collected by the MCB Rota Coordinator, who will be responsible for the safe keeping of the information. You will provide MCB with the information when you first become a Volunteer. You are requested to keep MCB informed of any changes in the information.

We will only use the information for the operation of MCB and for no other purpose. The information will not be shared with any third parties without your express approval. When you cease to be a Volunteer the information will be removed from our records.
MCB do not believe that the processing of your personal details will have any negative/adverse effect on you and we are therefore taking your consent as being given. If you do object to us holding the information, then you should contact MCB at the address shown below. This is likely to mean that you would not then be in a position to be a MCB Volunteer.

Nick Wheeler  March 2018
as Chairman for and on behalf of the Trustees of the
Midhurst Community Bus

Midhurst Community Bus